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When Your Best Friend Has Other Friends

Your best friend is your world. She’s your support system, rock, companion, and confidant. She’s the person you tell your secrets to and the person you want with you at the pool, summer camp, and family vacations. She’s the person you trust most in the world and the one you want with you as you grow up and experience new things.  

So, what do you do if your best friend has other friends she chooses to spend time with? Does that mean she values your friendship less? What if she goes places with them but fails to invite you? Does that mean she doesn’t care about your feelings or want to spend time with you?

The answer is no. She wouldn’t remain in contact with you if she didn’t love and care about you as a friend. She wouldn’t make an effort to spend time with you or invite you to go to the movies or on outings with her family. She certainly wouldn’t talk to you at school either.

Part of growing up is sharing your friendship with other people. How would you feel if you couldn’t be friends with anyone but your best friend? That wouldn’t make you feel good, would it? You want to be a good friend to people other than your BFF, right?

Put yourself in your best friend’s shoes. She has school and family obligations, too.  She doesn’t leave you out on purpose. She just elects to spend time with other friends once in a while. If that concerns you deeply, why not ask her if it’s ok to invite her and some of her other friends on an outing to the park, skating rink or museum. The worst she can say is “no,” and elect to spend time with you by herself

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