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What to Do When Your Best Friend Always Shines and Steals the Spotlight

It’s hard to take the backseat to a friend who always shines and steals the spotlight away from you. You may feel like no one ever gets to see your effort or talent because they’re so focused on her. You may be jealous of your friend and the attention she receives. Know that your time will come, too.

Although it may be hard to share recognition with others, it’s a very important part of growing up. You see, everyone has their own unique perspective, experiences, and talents to share with the world. It feels like no one notices you but that’s not entirely true. It’s difficult not to stand out when you shine so bright!  

Keep in mind that there will be opportunities presented to you that your friend won’t have. Seize them and put your passion to good use. The world needs to hear your voice, recognize your ideas, and see your talent come into play. You never know who you’ll influence along the way.

Other girls your age and younger look for someone to look up to. Be the type of person that stands out and encourages her peers to be the best they can be. Share your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm wherever you go. It’s hard to fade into the background when you have so much beauty, confidence, talent, and intelligence at your disposal.

Share your unique gifts with your neighborhood, school, and community. Learn more about the No Mean Girls Ambassador program by clicking here. We’re here to help you speak your truth, shine your light, and help others to do the same through your thoughts, actions, and words. Your friend isn’t the only one that people notice. You’re beyond special, valued, and inspiring to others, too!

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