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What is the Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Respect?

Do you know the difference between self-esteem and self-respect? Although the two are closely related, they do differ. To get a better idea of what each concept entails, let’s examine what self-esteem and self-respect are as concepts. Then you’ll be able to explain the similarities and differences between the two ideas to other girls.

Self-Esteem Summarized

Self-esteem is highly regarded and positively evaluated. It’s how you feel about yourself as a person. Good self-esteem is demonstrated when you’re confident in what you do. It’s demonstrated when you give your time, talents, and knowledge to others because you know they’ll get value out of what you have to offer.

Great self-esteem takes time for some girls to develop. Through leadership roles, you, too, can learn to feel great about yourself and your achievements. You get the courage and support from others when they see how committed you are to bettering yourself and your community.

Self-Respect Summarized

Self-respect is what you show to yourself no matter what happens. For example, you decide to enter a race where you finish closer to last than you do first. Rather than feel bad about the outcome, you see how well you did while running and you strive to increase your speed and time in future events. You take pride in your efforts because you know it took a commitment and courage to participate in the race in the first place.

Self-respect means that you accept challenges and shortcomings as a part of life. You make it part of the learning process which helps you improve yourself. You may not win first place every time you try something new, but you’re open to participating in events, pushing yourself, and sharing what you learn with other girls your age. You also stay true to your beliefs and values. is a resource that helps promote self-respect and self-esteem in girls. Through our Sparkle and Shine events, No Mean Girls Ambassador program, and mascots, we’re able to raise awareness and show support to girls of all ages in communities nationwide. If you want to get involved in our outreach program, let us know. The more young women we have onboard with us, the faster we’re able to change the world for the better!

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