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Triumph Looks Good on This Young Fashion Designer

Young Egypt “Ify” Ufele took New York Fashion Week by storm with her newest line of clothing.  The 10-year-old fashion prodigy began her career by first making clothing by hand for her dolls and graduating to making clothes for all shapes and sizes of women with her grandmother’s sewing machine.  The girl credits her success to the bullying she received from her peers.  It’s what drove her to do something amazing with her life by creating Afrocentric and other eye-catching fashions for women to love and wear.

If Ify’s talent alone wasn’t enough to earn her recognition, her contributions to BullyChasers does.  She works with the movement to spread awareness about bullying.  Through her experience, she’s able to empower other children to stand up against bullies by finding something incredible inside themselves.

New York Fashion Week showcases the work of the top fashion designers from around the world.  The experience is nothing short of extraordinary.  Having the honor of standing on the same stage as fashion legends, Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson, and Vera Wang is outstanding.  Ify has achieved something spectacular in a very short time as a designer.

Ify’s staunch determination and wealth of creativity is exactly what makes her a great advocate for kids.  It’s precisely the type of skills we look for in our own No Mean Girls Ambassadors.  The girls that work with us are confident, kind, and willing to go the extra mile for their classmates, neighbors, and friends.

Being part of No Mean Girls’ ambassador program is an honor.  It teaches girls valuable skills that help them into adulthood.  It’s the type of responsibility that feels good because it does make a big impact on the world.  To learn how you can get involved, visit

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