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Tips for Making Your Sparkle and Shine Event Memorable

So you’re hosting a Sparkle and Shine event this year and you want it to be memorable. What do you need to do to get ready for the occasion? Announcing the event and sending out invitations is always the first step, but what follows the announcement? How do you ensure your meet-up is a success?

There are some definite steps to follow. For example, how big of group do you plan on hosting? Will it be an entire class of girls or a small group of young women? What location is best for holding an event that size?Could you reserve a room at a restaurant or your local rec center or will you need an even bigger space to hold the meet-up?

What is the theme of the event? Once you’ve determine the size, location, and theme of the meet-up, it’s time to have fun. That’s the main objective of Sparkle and Shine events. You want girls to enjoy the time they spend at the get-together. You want them to make new friends and feel connected to other girls their age. Sparkle and Shine event boost self-esteem and emphasize tolerance, kindness, generosity, and inclusion. As your planning your event, think about how you can introduce these ideas to the girls in your school or community. Better yet, how can you encourage the young ladies to share what they’ve learned with their families, friends, and classmates?

The No Mean Girls Ambassador Program is one way. Provide information to interested parties and offer your support as girls serve as mentors to other children their age. No Mean girls are kind, generous, wise, ambitious, confident, and beautiful. They’re leaders not followers and want to make a real difference in the world they live in.

Direct girls, their parents, and educators to for more information. Every community needs strong girls to help change them for the better. Do your part to spread the word about by hosting a Sparkle and Shine event and promoting the No Mean Girls Ambassador Program today!

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