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Stop Trying to Fit In and Embrace Your Uniqueness

Part of honoring yourself and the beautiful, unique human being that you are requires you to break free of society’s standards of conformity.  Instead of trying to fit in, why not stand out?  There is no other girl like you in the world and that’s something to be proud of!  After all, how boring would it be to meet people exactly like you wherever you go?

What makes you different is what makes you special!  Think about it for just a moment.  You know all those fun experiences you’ve had being part of your family, school, and community?  Even people that were with you at the same events and during the same period of time are likely to share different stories about the occasion.  They see and experience things one way and you see and experience things another way.

That doesn’t mean that either of you are wrong for feeling or reacting the way that you do.  It means that you’re embracing your uniqueness for all its worth and bringing your own unique vision and gifts into the world.  The girls and women you look up to have special qualities about themselves, right?  The same can be said about you being you.

You never know who is going to find you interesting, remarkable, and inspiring.  Young girls may look up to you one day.  That’s one of the perks of being confident.  You have the ability to pave the way for other girls and women one day.

Stop trying to fit in!  Instead, embrace your uniqueness.  Learn how you can serve as a mentor to other young girls in your neighborhood, school, and community by visiting  We’re looking for girls just like you to be a part of our ambassador program and share your positivity with others your age.

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