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Sisterhood: Reclaiming Friendship Among Girls

The bonds of deep friendship are akin to sisterhood.  Your best girlfriends are like blood.  They’re the people you love and trust most in the world.  If you haven’t yet had that type of friendship with other girls, you have something incredible to look forward to.

Times have changed and the way we make friends is different than they did in the past.  The digital age creates challenges in the way girls communicate with one another.  Rather than call a friend up on the phone or meet them at the park to play, many rely on social media and texting to keep in touch with their friends.  This is both a good and a bad thing.

It’s a good thing because the internet narrows the distance between two people geographically.  If your friend moves away, you still have ways to stay in touch with her.  You can email, video chat, and post photos to your social media accounts (given that you’re old enough to have them).  You shouldn’t rely solely on digital means to communicate with your friends, though.

You should schedule regular time to get together, to play, to talk, and to enjoy each other’s company.  That may seem easier said than done especially if you’re not able to drive yourself places.  That’s where the adults in your home, neighborhood, school, and community come in.  Discuss your desire to host an event that allows girls to get together, form friendships, and relate to one another.

A Sparkle and Shine event provides the perfect setting to reclaim friendship among girls.  It’s a time where sisterhood is celebrated and enjoyed in a setting that is free from judgment and expectations.  If you haven’t heard about No Mean Girls and the work that it does, visit  It’s your opportunity to change the way girls relate to one another by emphasizing the importance of deep friendships, the kind that feel more like family than anything else.

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