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No mean Girls – My Shield

No mean Girls – My Shield!


This shield is to protect you from negative comments, judgements, jealousy, name

calling, low self- confidence and self esteem. When others make rude negative, hurtful

comments towards you KNOW that your shield has blocked it from hitting you. Your

shield will also block the negative comments that you say to yourself as well. Put your

shield where you can see it everyday!. Every time you see your shield think a positive

thought about yourself, also let the shield be a reminder not to say mean things about

other girls because her shield will block the same mean comments thrown her way.


Use Your Shield Wisely!


This No Mean Girls Shield serves a very special purpose: protecting you from judgment,

jealousy, teasing, low self-esteem, and negative comments. People may say cruel

things to you, but you can always use your shield to keep your attitude positive. Hurtful

words can’t always be avoided, but this shield can keep you safe. Place this shield

where you can see it every day, so that it can remind you of how beautiful, unique, and

special you truly are. This shield doesn’t just work for you; everyone has a shield

against mean girls, so try spreading kindness and friendship instead!

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