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Make These Self-Esteem Building Activities Part of Your Routine

When it comes to building great self-esteem, there are some things you can do daily to boost you and your friends’ confidence. From volunteering for a non-profit organization to sharing your passion with younger girls in your community, you have what it takes to shine. So, what do you do when you don’t have something big planned in the way of service and mentoring projects? Can you still positively influence your friends and impact the world at the same time?

The answer is “Yes!” Through games and projects, you build lifelong skills that help you as you get older and enter adulthood. Here are some self-esteem building activities for you and your friends to enjoy while spending time together:

  • Journaling as a form of self-expression. Every girl gets to express themselves in two different ways with journaling. One is artistically by drawing, painting, and collaging images onto the cover of a spiral notebook or composition book. The other thing this activity accomplishes is that it allows girls to get in touch with their feelings verbally and express themselves through words, poems, song lyrics, and quotes.
  • My best characteristics, traits, and attributes. Give each girl multiple slips of paper and a writing utensil. Then ask them to write down their peers’ best characteristics, traits, and attributes. Make it less about appearances (i.e. You have a nice smile,) and more about the qualities that make up their personality. Don’t have anyone sign their names to the slips of paper. Instead, have them write the name of the girl on the outside of the compliment. Collect all the slips of paper and have some read what is written on them and the girl’s name who it was written for to the group.
  • Sparkle and Shine! Our very own Sparkle and Shine events are perfect for building self-esteem. Talk to the adults you know about hosting one. Coordinators of the events can plan leadership games, outstanding speakers, arts and crafts projects, and even outdoor activities that encourage new friendships and build self-esteem in the girls in your neighborhood, clubs, school, and community.

High self-esteem is empowering. It gives you the courage to do anything you set your mind out to do. If you want to continue influencing other girls your age with your positive attitude, why not sign up to be a No Mean Girls Ambassador? We’re looking for incredible role models just like you to spread our message in your community.

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