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How Mentoring Affects Girls’ Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Mentoring programs provide girls of all ages an opportunity to work with a mentor or serve as a mentor.  This valuable experience helps shape the self-confidence of young women by boosting self-esteem and providing them with a support system that encourages positivity, problem-solving, and friendship.  Mentorship opportunities mold girls into strong, compassionate women who make a real difference in the world they live in.

Here is what mentoring provides:

  • An opportunity to develop leadership skills.
  • A way to make a difference in communities around the globe.
  • A greater sense of self.
  • An understanding how each person contributes to the world around them through positive action.

Having a mentor and serving as a mentor helps prepare young women for the ‘real world’.  It helps them cope with difficult situations, ask for help when needed, and foster strong relationships with other women.  It teaches girls to embrace what makes them unique and cultivate talents and interests that help the greater good of the world.

Mentorship programs are about accountability.  By inviting young ladies to contribute and present their ideas, it helps them understand who they are as people and the role they play in other people’s lives.  Young women who mentor make big impressions on the little girls they choose to spend time with and work with.

The No Mean Girl Ambassador program offers young girls the opportunity to spread the word about inclusion, tolerance, and self-esteem.  It speaks out against bullying and emphasizes compassion, patience, and understanding.  No Mean Girl Ambassadors are powerful influencers who stand out in their communities.  They have the chance to impact the lives of the girls in their schools, clubs, and cities in a positive and memorable way.

Learn more about the No Mean Girl Ambassador program by contacting No Mean Girls today.  We’re looking for bright, beautiful, confident girls like you to help us spread the joy of friendship and acceptance to schools, clubs, and communities around the world.

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