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Develop These Life Skills for Higher Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is confidence in one’s worth and abilities. It’s recognizing the unique qualities in yourself and how they relate to the world around you. For some girls, having good self-esteem is their number one priority. After all, it’s what you carry with you throughout your life, and it gives you the confidence to go after your biggest dreams.

Here are some essential skills that help develop your self-esteem:

  • Allow yourself to truly experience your feelings. It’s very important that you learn to accept feelings for what they are and not try to hide or mask them. It’s okay to feel negative emotions, too. Study them to see why you feel the way that you do. You may discover that how you’re feeling doesn’t have anything to do with the situation you’re in or how you’re reacting to it.
  • Realize you have options. The world isn’t black or white. It’s neither either or. You have choices in everything you do. If one option doesn’t seem to fit you and your hopes, dreams, and goals, wait until another opportunity presents itself that feels more ‘like you’. You have the right to choose one possible outcome over another.
  • Detach yourself from negative messages and people. Not everyone you meet is going to be as friendly as you. With that being said, if you hear people complain day after day, ask them what is wrong and offer them support. If they still let negativity dictate what they say and do, learn to detach yourself from their feelings. Their remarks and actions have nothing to do with you.
  • Learn how to assert yourself. If something doesn’t seem or feel right to you, speak up. Being assertive lets others know how you expect to be treated. It makes your expectations very clear and is an essential tool for great self-esteem.
  • Become the best listener you know. It’s not what you think you hear that counts. It’s what a person actually tells you that matters. Learn how to be a great listener. Repeat what is being said to you in conversations. Nod your head and let the person speaking know that you understand and acknowledge their words.

Pass on the skills you’ve learned to other girls that go to school and attend church or club meetings with you. You have the power of positively impacting your community through your words and example. That’s how you put the No Mean Girls mission to good use! You walk the walk and talk the talk.  

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