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How to Stop Girl Drama

Did you know that girl drama and bullying can start as early as preschool? Once your child leaves the nest to experience the outside world known as school and recess, there’s no stopping them from experiencing the tough lessons of life that must come with the beauty and purity of childhood fun. If your daughter is going through the dreaded girl drama in school, apply these effective tips to help her overcome these obstacles: Show them how to open up and be honest with their friends. Sarah has been excluded from her group of friends, and she doesn’t know why. She’s hurt and feels betrayed, and Sarah goes home and talks to her parents about this issue. Although it’s important for parents to support their children in their most vulnerable times, it’s also crucial for moms and dads to help their daughters learn to talk to others to solve a problem. In Sarah’s case, her parents can help guide her through her thoughts and feelings and set up a playdate with the other girls to let them all work it out amongst themselves. Her parents can also help her practice talking to the girls by acting out the scene so that Sarah can talk to her friends the next day she’s at school. Heal your daughter’s emotional wounds with different activities. To children, their friends can be their entire world. They always want to socialize and stick to each other 24/7. But, if your child loses their friends, it can be one of the most hurtful experiences in their young years of life, and they may lose enthusiasm in all areas of their lives. This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to new activities and meet new friends to show them that they can move on from their painful experiences. Finding new friends and hobbies will help boost your daughter’s self-confidence as well. Teach your daughter about true friendship and what it means. Use movies, books or even your own anecdotes to help your daughter learn what it means to be true friends. Then, if possible, introduce your daughter to new girls so that she can make new friends; for example, attending a dance or karate class. This will also aid in teaching your child that some people are not meant to be in her life, and it’s best that she distances herself from those who aren’t going to help her grow into a lovely lady in the future. The most important part of the entire girl drama experience is to avoid investing too much time into your daughter’s personal social affairs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to your child about what they’re going through; in fact, never brush off your child’s problems and experiences because this is all new to them. The best action to take is to guide your child to the right path and let them decide what to do for themselves. (Note: Of course, if there is physical abuse involved, parents need to get involved ASAP!) Your child is learning all this for the first time just like you did when you went through those tough life lessons. Be there for your child and be the strongest support for them; implement a weekly heart-to-heart with your daughter to ensure that you establish that support pillar she needs for life.